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The Influence of People on Parking

Heather Snead, NuParkHeather Snead joined NuPark in early 2016 after working in the parking industry for nearly a decade. Coupled with more than 20 years of engineering and IT experience, Heather possesses a superior foundation for her current role as software engineer at NuPark. People are at the heart of her job: she builds relationships and solves problems, and she works closely with members of her team and with the customers she serves.

Within the company, Heather collaborates with people she has known for years. “Each team member takes on different cases, and we ask each other for advice when we need to,” she explains. “Everyone has their own task, but we help each other.” Heather prefers the strong collaboration and teamwork environment compared to her previous work for larger organizations where members were often restricted to specific roles. “Here, we do everything,” she says. “There’s an opportunity to learn at NuPark, to do things I couldn’t have done at other places.” Heather and her coworkers have the flexibility to solve their clients’ problems as efficiently and creatively as possible.

During her time in the industry, she says, parking has become more complex. There has been a massive growth in “the programs, the equipment, the processes to make it all work.” Despite this complexity, Heather determines the most effective way to bring all these elements together to serve her customers. One of the most exciting aspects about NuPark, she explains, is the fact that it’s all so new. “Nothing’s set in stone yet,” she says. “We have the chance to be creative, to make it the best.”

Heather creates reports for her customers, customized to the specific needs of each operation. In a report, she determines what information a customer wants, and then she finds the best way to gather the information and put it in an accessible format. “When a customer asks for information,” she explains, “you have to get creative. You have to make sense out of it.”

When asked what an average day looks like, Heather replies, “I’m not sure there is one.” She explains that because she and her coworkers try to help their customers address their needs, her work changes every single day. By listening to her customers and determining how best to meet their needs, Heather embodies NuPark’s goal of melding technical knowledge with personal communication.